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Working with CAPO Leadership Consulting has enabled me to see myself as someone who is already providing great value to my clients and has helped me to become comfortable with being compensated fairly for the value that they receive. I already operate in many of the principles that we addressed and I look forward to learning more in order to continue to grow myself and my business and be a blessing to others.
Darla F.
Working with CAPO Leadership Consulting has helped me to become a better communicator with my colleagues and management. I have also connected with more of my coworkers on a personal level. It was pretty clear for me to notice the areas where I needed to develop and this group has provided me with the tools to do so. I am looking forward to continuing this growth process!
Linda C.
Michael and Cindy are truly passionate about mentoring and helping to build and maintain healthy professional relationships.
Maria S.
Joining the Mastermind Group turned out to be the best thing I could’ve done for me - and to think I almost didn’t do it! Mike and Cindy were well prepared with thought-provoking questions for us to answer, and the stories and information that they shared with us drove home the principles that we studied. Their honesty definitely broke the ice and made me feel very comfortable with being open and honest. What I did not expect was that it would be so revealing and life-altering. Every single session impacted and enlightened me in so many different ways. I’m still grappling with what I now understand about me. My goal is to implement changes in my life - I don’t want to repeat the old patterns now that I know what I know. It’s been that way for too long, only by the grace of God am I here. Praise God! I thank you Mike and Cindy for all of the time and effort you put into preparing and presenting each chapter. I am forever grateful! May you be blessed in all that you do. Without your help, I would probably never get to the point where I work through to the next level. No more fleeing and flights for me, I want deep roots and success. I want visions that become goals and dreams that become a reality!
Mona F.

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