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Michael Barrovecchio of CAPO Leadership Consulting has become an extension of my life both personally and professionally. His ability to take a task from thought to execution is second to none. Rarely does a day go by that I do not reflect on our work together, the daily habits that we formed, and the consistent processes that we developed.

On a personal level, Mike has become a trusted friend that helped me get through one of the toughest periods of my life, the passing of my father after a hard-fought cancer battle. It was through our coaching relationship that I was able to maintain momentum, stay accountable and remain in the zone during this time. I am forever grateful for our relationship and the quantifiable results that have come from it.
Robert K. Cawley CFBS, LUTCF, CLTC President, Peerless Business Advisors, LLC
I had the recent pleasure of working with Mike as my career coach. He led me through a structured and focused process to help me identify my goals and to put me on a path to achieve them. For each coaching session, we would agree upon specific objectives upfront and Mike would ensure that the session goals were achieved at the end.

Mike asked great probing questions that required me to dig deep within myself to find the answers. He worked with me to identify what I saw as my personal challenges to achieving my goals, probed as to why they were challenges, and then assisted me in developing strategies to navigate through those challenges in such a way that I would be able to use the strategies on an ongoing basis.

Throughout the process, Mike used effective and thought-provoking techniques that helped me take ownership of my ability to achieve my goals. Each session with Mike was time well spent and was a great investment in my own personal development. I would highly recommend Mike as a coach and as an excellent resource to assist you in finding your path to achieving your goals!
Annette Durnack Energy Industry Sales and Marketing Leader
Michael Barrovecchio has been a tremendous resource for me in navigating my professional career. His knowledge and experience, along with his passion to help others succeed, is highly evident in his coaching style. He practices what he teaches and takes time to listen.

Working with Michael Barrovecchio could not have come at a better time!

I was at the beginning stages of strategizing my next steps professionally and I knew that coaching would provide the missing pieces I was looking for. Having the opportunity to be a student of Michael’s knowledge of leadership and development has provided valuable tools to continue to move forward with my journey, both at my current employment and in future endeavors.

Michael is truly passionate about coaching, mentoring, and helping to build and maintain healthy professional relationships.  His approach is unique and personal, and it encourages me to do more than I thought I could.  I’m looking forward to continuing to learn how to be an impactful leader and to be able to share this with others!
Maria Schwartz Controller at Cera-Met
As an executive coach Michael helped me to work out a better plan for my day to day business. His intuition to see and know what I was avoiding really helped me with my blind spots. I would recommend Michael to anyone that is an entrepreneur or a Chief Executive. As an entrepreneur Michael helped me to create plans and ideas that provided a larger customer base, which in turn developed into more customers as well as more return customers. If you are looking to get more from yourself and your business Michael will help you to do that.
My organization has been working with Mike Barrovecchio for a little over 2 years. We initially engaged Mike to provide leadership training to our entire staff. Almost immediately we began to see results in better attitudes and work ethics. Over time, the changes were even more valuable as team members became increasingly aware of how each of their individual rolls played a part in the overall company’s goals and objectives. Each became more engaged both in their core functions and at working collaboratively to complement each other’s rolls. I watched them grow from being employees to being a solid, cohesive, and indispensable team.

Mike has also provided executive coaching to both myself and my business partner and Senior V.P. During this time period and with Mike’s help and guidance we’ve navigated a year of 503% revenue growth, the firing of an executive staffer who was not on-board with our company’s vision and changes in other team member’s roles within the company to better align with their unique talents.

Based on the results we’ve experienced, we continue to engage CAPO Leadership Consulting. Mike has become a trusted and invaluable advisor. To anyone considering executive coaching or leadership training for their staff, Mike’s service is worth every penny and then some. I can’t say enough about the benefit my organization has received from his work, which is why we’ll continue to engage CAPO Leadership Consulting year after year.
Frances Brunelle President, Accelerated Manufacturing Brokers
I’ve had business coaches in the past that ran a process that felt like a cookie-cutter road map – just change the names. At first, I hesitated to work with Mike because of my past experience. While meeting with Mike over coffee to talk about his coaching style, it became clear that Mike loved people. His passion for helping me to improve in whatever area of life I needed it was convincing.

Skip ahead two years later and many people close to me say I’m a changed person. Part of what Mike helped me with was transitioning into my current role after leaving a completely different profession that I retired from after 37 years. Mike doesn’t work from a cookie-cutter style of coaching. He gets to know who you are by simply asking the right questions which lead you to the right answers. Soon after that you’ll experience growth that others will notice.

He’s also changed how I think and speak which is important for growth. What I appreciate now is having a built-in sounding board, someone to help me correct my course, and also a friend who really cares. Mike is not just a coach. He’s a genuine human. When you are in a coaching session you want someone on the other end to listen, care, digest and get you to dig deeper which will help you tear down any barriers that might be stunting progress. Mike will do all these things. If you’re considering investing in a coach, Mike Barrovecchio will give you the ROI you’re searching for.
Mark Iuzzolino Senior Vice President, Accelerated Manufacturing Brokers
It has been my privilege to be a coaching client of Michael's and, most importantly, it has made a difference in the success of my life and my business. If you are fortunate enough to enter into a coaching relationship with Michael, you get all of him. Michael brings great energy and passion to the coaching relationship, but he doesn't bring an agenda; His only agenda is to help you achieve your goals. Throughout our coaching relationship, it was evident that Michael is well trained and has a great deal of experience helping others make positive changes.

Michael is a great thinking partner and I highly recommend his coaching as one of the best investments you will ever make.
Rick Burris Owner, Leaders Fuel

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